Sunday, July 10, 2011

technology. GRRRRRR!

   i guess this probably won't be a very popular post with anyone because everyone BUT ME is amazing with anything that beeps, whirrs, clicks, rings, texts, tweets, posts, and books your face, but i'm writing this anyway.
   I hate technology in general because of a few reasons. reason number one: thier commercials. Thier commercials are always like, "CONNECT WITH FAMILY!" "EXPERIENCE YOUR WORLD!" "IT'S JUST LIKE NATURE!" well, honestly, if you on the computer all day long poking people on facebook, your probably not going to connect with your family, because they all just went to Sea World without you. sorry.
   Secondly, those commercials where the people with the pad thingys have colorful lines connecting them to anything and everything on the planet are more likely to run into a trashcan because they had it glued to their face then to experience the world. am i right? YES!
   And also, those commercials where it's showing you people surfing, and children running though a field with so many phones that they look like fireflies isn't real. no parent in the modern day world lets thier child run around at night with thier precious BLACKBERRY! (you thought i was going to say it was because they didn't want their child to fall into a hole? or get kidnapped because they're in a random creepy empty feild? no. that's not what i was going to say.)
   Another reason i don't like technology is because it's annoying how fast it moves. my sister could buy a fresh off the assembly line phone from the store, and then want the newer version in about 20 minutes. shouldn't we be focusing all our tech-savy people on more important thing, like missles or something. because honestly, if Battle LA came true you wouldn't care if your friend held up thier iphone16 and said "we're saved! follow me!" you'd follow the guy with the missles. just saying.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


   I guess it's kind of pushing it putting up four messages in one day, but i am super excited to get this blog. I have a question, a really important question that every person in America should think about. Because, honestly, we all SHOULD think about this at least once a day, maybe moore, if we are able to call ourselves compassionate enough to be a human being. If there is anyone out there that doesn't think about this serious issue, than shame on you, because this. . . is probably the most important thing you will ever be asked.
   . . .Has anyone else noticed that the English language is completely bonkers? there are so many rules to follow that make rhymes in kindergarden "i before e except after c" but later on in life, you realise they don't rhyme anymore because it goes something like this "i before e except after c unless the word you're spelling is an exception to the rule or is derived from a language not commonly heard, used or one that doesn't exist."
   Wow. Or, how all these other countries came up with thier own languages (except the romance languages which are all derived from latin) and we stole bits and pieces from all of them. Does that mean we were unspeaking dummies before we met those other people and stole their language? Maybe we had an even more complicated language than english and switched it out. Hmmmmmmm.
   Or plurals. there are so many rules for plurals it's not even funny. "es goes after words ending in s or se or x" and all that including plural words that end in s or ae or just stay the same. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?? did they just run out of creativity for words like deer. . . or fish? And now i have one last question for the blogoshere (besides, how do you follow people? i'm so confused. i hate computers!) . . . What's the plural for ambulence? huh? huh? Ambulence, ambulae, or ambulences?

The Beach

   If you've ever been to the beach, you may have mixed feelings about what i'm about to say. To me, yyou can either love or hate the beach. it is impossible only to LIKE sand covering every inch of your body and making your skin burn and itch. You can't only LIKE when the air is so humid that your pin-straight hiar curls. You can't just LIKE that tiny voice everyone hasd in the back of thier head humming the theme song to jaws. . . you have to LOVE IT!!! i love the air, the view, the birds you see either flying lazily through the air or attacking small children for the food in their hands.
   Actually, i don't like all beaches. i don't like the beaches right off the highway with paved roads and parking lots, with two million people cooking nasty smelling food and making the sand and water feel sticky.
   I love those faraway, empty beaches with miles of sand, water, wildlife, and fresh-air. Those picture perfect, magical beach experiences that happen when you stay until one in the morning with a bonfire. When you find a live sand dollar, or a whole starfish. That single time makes the beach your favorite place on the planet.

Siblings ;)

   Ah, the magical world of sisterhood (or brotherhood). A world of bossy, mean, lazy, funny, loving, superior, annoying, gross, angry, happy, awesome, epic siblings that you have the privalidge of dealing with every day. You get to grow up together, mature together, love and hate together, and spend time apart because you're sick of being together. They tell you to much, too little, making you feel like you know nothing and everything about them at the same time. They ask you advice, then tell you your thoughts don't matter.
   Siblings are an alien race, probably from some far away planet or a lab on area 51. The funny thing is, those of you reading this blog- you know who you are, you're probably thinking about how you totally agree with me and you're the only normal one in your house- are siblings too. So basically, everything mentioned you think describes your siblings is what they would call the perfect description of you. Sorry, but it's true.

thoughts? . . . anyone?

  This being my first blog, i decided that i would blog about why i chose the title for said blog.
   Everyone thinks, right? Everyone goes though their day and makes decisions, as small as deciding whether or not their breath merits the effort of brushing their teeth in the morning- and trust me, most decide againts their archenemy (hygene) and decide to breathe free, rank air into the poor passing souls they meet on the street- to deciding whether or not to invest in a multi-million dollar company. But how many of us REALLY have a constant flow of thought? We grow from infancy into a world where thought is no longer needed to survive. We can get by just by moving in a seemingly endless pattern. It is said that if you and a group of people form a line in the middle of a busy mall, people will file in behind you, waiting, and the line will grow until someone actually THINKS long enough to ask what the line is for.
  The worst possible situation for a group of people who are trying to keep a country under their thumb is an outburst of thinking people. WE THE PEOPLE! Aren't those the words that founded this nation? And we poeple need to stop and think for a second about how little we actually think about things. Then, we need to move on and think about how to fix this country, how to fix the people, how to fix the education system, and how to fix ourselves and our future so that our children can think as well.